Analysis of the
Sources of Value

ValuAnalysis is an independent investment boutique, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


ValuAnalysis is an independent investment boutique focusing on equities and specialising in valuation. The firm has developed a proprietary research model which identifies companies whose competitive advantage is under-appreciated by market participants.

The Partners have over twenty-five years of experience using, adapting and re-engineering the ‘economic value-added’ models used by industry consultants into stock market valuation models. These models replicate the thought process of an entrepreneur taking real investment decisions: what capital to commit where, at which cost, and for what return. Applied to the stock market, these tools provide invaluable insight about a firm’s sustainable competitive advantage and the level of its economic rent.


ValuAnalysis stands for Analysis of the sources of Value.

The transformation of accounting data into relevant economic numbers is a pre-requisite in any attempt to put a valuation on a company‘s equity. The Economic Rent – a company‘s Free Cash Flow return on its Economic Assets – is central to our research. It shows whether a company creates sustainable value for shareholders or not. ValuAnalysis looks for companies exhibiting sustainably high Economic Rent, where the market implies an overly pessimistic view of its rent profile.

The ValuFocus Fund

As Advisor to the UI–I ValuFocus fund, a Luxembourg based UCITS SICAV, ValuAnalysis seeks to deliver significant and stable returns in excess of the broad equity market over the longer term, whilst carefully controlling downside risk.

For further information on investing in the fund, please visit the Fund page and contact one of the Partners.