ValuAnalysis is a fundamental research-based Investment and Corporate Advisory boutique, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


ValuAnalysis has over twenty years of experience using, adapting and re-engineering the 'economic value-added' models used by industry consultants into stock market valuation models. These models replicate the thought process of an entrepreneur taking real (physical) investment decisions: what capital to commit where, at which cost, and for what return. Applied to the stock market, these tools provide strong and challenging opinions about a firm’s sustainable competitive advantage, its economic rent and its level of Intrinsic Value.


Fundamental beliefs

The transformation of reported and unadjusted accounting data into “corporate economic data” is a pre-requisite in any attempt to value and analyse assets. Financial analysis must de-emphasise financial engineering and focus on key corporate economic aggregates (e.g. capital consumption) in order to understand how a firm creates or destroys value for its shareholders. Intrinsic Value Analysis is the backbone of corporate asset valuation. This approach provides in-depth insights into a firm’s Franchise Value, Competitive Advantage Period or Replacement Value.


An advisory firm focused on Intrinsic Value

ValuAnalysis uses its proprietary 'residual income' models to provide a common economic language and concepts behind Intrinsic Value, understood by Investors and Corporate Management teams alike. ValuAnalysis provides Investment Advisory Services for a global universe of circa 1000 franchise owners across the world. Its Corporate Advisory business focuses on addressing issues at the core of the strategic capital management decision-making process, such as whether corporates are optimising capital consumption relative to shareholders’ expectations.