The value of Economic Data vs. Accounting Data

Low Economic & Accounting P/E Relative to a Global Benchmark



  • This chart shows the relative performance of two cheap multiple strategies, one computed with accounting data, the other with ValuAnalysis' corporate economic data.


  • Even though both outperform, accounting information gives a tepid performance and seems to be prone to occasional breakdowns, as in the recent past.


  • The cheap multiple strategy based on economic data has a clearer, superior and more stable outperformance pattern, and has added 320 bp of relative performance per annum to the accounting-based strategy.


An Integrated Process Leading to a Coherent Portfolio


va00005 SIVS1
va00005 SIVS2
va00005 SIVS3
va00005 SIVS4



Common Sense Stock Selection: Avoiding the Worst Investments


va00000 chart rent yield


  • It is often a bad idea to invest in low cash yielding businesses. This is the lesson of the above chart, where the periods of outperformance of a high yielding portfolio do exist (see mid 2006 to mid 2008) but are dwarfed by the downward trend of the low yielding portfolio.
va00000 chart multiples


  • It is always a bad idea to overpay for an asset. This is, in essence, the lesson of the above chart. A portfolio made of the more expensive stocks has never outperformed consistently since 2006.