Please find below some examples of ValuAnalysis’ research reports.

ValuFolio is a monthly review of our equity strategies.  ValuAnalysis uses its proprietary "eROC" models (economic Return On Capital) to value and select stocks in order to build Indices and Portfolios for Institutional investors.  All strategies are based on our approach to Franchise and Intrinsic value, a detailed expose of which can be found in our introduction to The Theory and Practice of Franchise and Intrinsic Value Analysis

ValuFocus is a selection of global companies with the unique characteristics of both a sustainable and affordable franchise. We regularly review this list, exploring the themes and names that emerge from our screens and methodology. The list's performance is also measured as a portfolio.

On an adhoc basis, these will expand into detailed reports. The Opinionless Analyst publications are in-depth analyses of the implicit assumptions hidden in the share price of major global companies. The Opinionless Analyst extracts market-implied cash returns, margins or free cash flow generation from the share price and discusses the firms’ Intrinsic Value.

The ValuFlash publications are shorter assessments of major events affecting the share price of such companies.



Date published

Q3 2017

6th November 2017

12th June 2017


Investment Strategies Reports

ValuFolio Issue 2

ValuFolio Issue 1

Date published

7th February 2018

26th January 2018


Date published

1st September 2016

22nd February 2017

5th December 2016

2nd November 2016

6th September 2016

5th September 2016